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P. X. D. mod

P. X. D. - Parallel X Dimension. 

P. X. D. mod Alpha v0.95

Mod only for English, Russian, German, Spanish and Italian X2 The Threat 1.4 game version.
(In the Italian version all mod texts are in the English language) 

Alpha version 0.95 contains:

Mod are not compatible with story line

Replaced all original (vanilla) game ships
Add 81 new ships
Add 32 new ships cockpits
Add 10 new player logos
Add 11 new sector soundtracks
Add 10 new loadscreens
Add 3 new shields - 10 MW Shield, 30 MW Shield, 200 MW Shield
Add 14 new missiles
Add 7 new lasers
Add 10 new stations
Add Player Headquarters
Add to Player Headquarters new station inner scene
Add Argon and Split Equipment dock new station inner scenes
Add 13 defensive platforms
Allow M5, M4, M3 dock to M6
Allow TS, TP dock to M2
Changed factory designs - Trading stations, Equipment Docks, Shipyards, Wharf, for all races.
Changed all races solar power plants designs
Changed Xenon shipyard design and replaced Khaak station to new model
Replaced Pirate Base, Goner Temple, Federal Argon Installation, Pirate Anarchy Port and Terracorp Headquarter stations designs
Changed Fighter Drone design
Changed TS ships cockpits - removed 3 vertical lines from the cockpit centre
Changed jumpdrive cargo class to XL
New ships rebalance
New missiles rebalance
New lasers rebalance
Changed almost all weapon bullets effects
Replaced all planets textures
Changed gate effect and warp tunnel
Changed Main menu scene
Changed sector boxes border designs - add round sector box borders
Changed vanilla asteroid texture
Changed all missiles engine trail effects
Changed ship - M3, M4, M5, TP, TS, M6 engine particle trail effetcs
Changed almost all weapon bullets effects

Add new script - Jumpdrive upgrade MK1
This is software upgrade extension for Jumpdrive. New command is added in to the shipboard computer's command console. New command added possibility to select exit coordinates from the hyperspace.

Changed ships capturing conditions:

If you are on the M5 class ship - you can capturing only M5 class ships 
If you are on the M4, TS, TP class ship - you can capturing M5 and M4 class ships 
If you are on the M3, M6, TL, M1, M2, M0 class ship - you can capturing M5, M4, M3, TS, TP class ships

Enemy ships sometimes before destroyed, will drop out ship shields or weapons.


Add 4 new game starts:

 - Miner start
 - Military start
 - Smuggler start
 - Trader start

P. X. D. mod Alpha v0.95 are compatible with these mods:

 - Radars pack
 - HUD pack
 - Shield effect pack
 - Gate pack
 - Turret cockpit pack


On mod working: Zeron-MK7, Solek and Dongaio.





Some mod development video trailers you found into the Zeron-MK7 YouTube channel.


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