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Add X3TC mod list compatible with - X3 Albion Prelude.
More information in the X3 Albion Prelude Mods section.

Added by: Zeron-MK7 | Date: 19.12.2011

Some of you might know that some X2-Fans are working on a mod that we named X2-Pandora. This mod changes many aspects of the game and expands it in almost every part. 
X2-Pandora has it's own (top secret) story that runs next to the original X2-story.
X2-Pandora developes the aspects of X2 way further than ever before. Those aspects affect graphics and gameplay.
We're in urgent need of some more people helping out. That is one of the reasons why the development of the mod seem to take forever. 
What we are looking for: 
Experienced scripters who help us creating the commands 
Moddel maker to make the ships from some races as Argon, Split, Xenon,... 
Voices to give the guys in the Universe a new voice. 
Texture-maker to bring a new life on the ships and stations 

X2-Pandora mod screenshots:

More detailed information are into the Pandora forum:

Added by: Zeron-MK7 | Date: 03.04.2011

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